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XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Create by 8theme

Theme package contains two versions 4.28.1 and 5.0.1 beta.
Please, do the backup of your data base and files before starting theme update from 4.x to 5.x version.
Video – how to install theme | Video – how to update theme | Changelog
8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support 8theme studio support
8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

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8theme studio support

8theme studio support

8theme studio support

XStore makes e-commerce easy.

This elegant and intuitive theme is carefully developed and includes that set of pages, tools and settings that will help you create a professional looking and trustworthy online shop.

Also, XStore comes with several widgets that will help you improve the user’s perception of your shop.The Theme Options is user-friendly and requires no special knowledge, adding value to a beautifully responsive theme.

Join our 30,000+ happy customers and start experiencing e-commerce design as it should be. Simple.

Note: Some of product pictures come from

Note: We have a referral program and we are constantly monitoring where our customers find out about us and come from. If you are interested in partnering up with us, write us via the contact form.

Note: We are using chat system for our sales department. You can easily get that from here and use for your website also.

Thank you.

8theme studio  8theme studio  8theme studio


Dear customers!

One slight request for those who encounter any issues, technical or general ones. Please, do not hurry to put a bad rating and review. In most cases, the problems could be solved in a few minutes.
So, please, be so kind to contact us at Forum or via Contact Form and our support team will find the answers to all of your questions.
Hope for your understanding.

Thank you!
Your 8theme team!

LATEST UPDATE 5.0.1 beta
September 21, 2018
UPDATED: 8theme - About Author widget (new image loader)
FIXED: Style enquare process
FIXED: Flickr widget title
FIXED: Swatches filter when no attributes exist
FIXED: Switching between square/circle type of swatches
FIXED: Single product image popup if only one image uploaded to gallery
FIXED: Single product image if only featured image and video uploaded for product
FIXED: System requirements (OpenSSL version) when curl or curl_version() is deactivated
FIXED: Secondary menu links border width
FIXED: Masonry for product categories
FIXED: Related product "Add to cart" button on single out of stock product
FIXED: Blog masonry
FIXED: Products with parent product image
FIXED: DOM elements notices(dublicate IDs)
FIXED: Support chat in Theme Options
FIXED: Correct dynamic data
REMOVED: Thirtparty domains from theme files
REMOVED: Symantic errors with e(), _(), n(), x() constructions
REMOVED: Usage of the "htmlspecialchars_decode" function
MOVED: All the Widgets moved to XStore core plugin
FIXED: RTL styles
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
ADDED: All the widgets of the XStore theme
FIXED: Compatibility with other our themes - etheme_static_block(), etheme_follow_shortcode()
August 28, 2018
ADDED: New versions “Marseille01” “Marseille02“
ADDED: Variation Swatches
ADDED: Variation Swatches Theme Options
ADDED: 8theme – Swatches filter widget
ADDED: [8THEME] NEW Slider WPBakery element instead of Revolution slider
ADDED: Navigation options (infinite loading and load more button) for “[8THEME] Products” WPBakery element
ADDED: Autoscrolling text and autoscrolling text item WPBakery elements
ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for “[8THEME] Banner with mask” WPBakery element
ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for “[8THEME] Products” WPBakery element
ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for “[8THEME] Instagram” WPBakery element
ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for “Instagram” widget images
ADDED: Slider arrows for the instagram element if slider variant is chosen
ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for “[8THEME] Instagram” WPBakery element
ADDED: On/Off Masonry scripts option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off Old browser support option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off Optimise fronted CSS option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off FontAwesome support / option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off Menu cache option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off Static Blocks cache option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: On/Off Remove query strings from theme static resources option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: Disable emoji new option (Theme Options-> Speed Optimisation)
ADDED: Choose the portfolio page option (Theme Options-> Portfolio)
ADDED: Header banner widget area
ADDED: Header banner position option (8Theme Options -> Header -> Header Layout)
ADDED: Single product content elements for the WPBakery grid builder
ADDED: Login popup for login link
ADDED: “My account in mobile menu” option (Header -> Mobile Header)
ADDED: Hover effect option for the Best Offer WPBakery element
ADDED: Sale price time start/time end options for the single product
ADDED: Filled bag icon type for the shopping cart icons
ADDED: Quick view dimensions option (Theme Options -> Shop elements -> Quick view)
ADDED: Star rating color option (Shop -> Products style -> Star rating color)
ADDED: Loaders for the removing product from mini cart, adding to compare, adding to wishlist, adding to cart, woocommerce updating shipping methods
ADDED: Secondary title color option (Theme Options -> Typography -> Secondary menu)
ADDED: Secondary title background color option (Theme Options -> Menu -> Menu styling -> Secondary menu links)
ADDED: Number of products in mini cart option (Theme Options -> Header layout)
ADDED: Navigation on cart, checkout, order total pages
ADDED: Option to enable scroll for the sidebar widgets for the shop page (Theme Options -> Shop -> Shop page layout)
ADDED: Sidebar widgets height option (Theme Options -> Shop -> Shop page layout)
ADDED: Sidebar widgets toggle option (Theme Options -> Shop -> Shop page layout)
ADDED: Title for the static block widget
ADDED: “Zoom out” design type for 8theme Banner WPBakery element
ADDED: Option to add extra class for the title and subtitle of the 8theme Banner WPBakery element
ADDED: Sidebar position option for the single post
ADDED: Sidebar position option for the product category page
ADDED: Products per row option on the product category page
ADDED: Show sidebar only on blog page option
ADDED: Letter spacing option (Theme Options -> Typography)
ADDED: XStore Dashboard
ADDED: Search by theme option
ADDED: System Requirements list
ADDED: etheme_before_breadcrumbs() action
ADDED: etheme_after_breadcrumbs() action
ADDED: et_before_shop_loop_title() action
ADDED: et_after_shop_loop_title() action
ADDED: et_quick_view_swatch() action
ADDED: etheme_slider() function
ADDED: etheme_menu_link() function
ADDED: etheme_menu() function
ADDED: etheme_nav_menu() function
ADDED: etheme_static_block() function
ADDED: et_custom_query() function
ADDED: etheme_the_post_field() function
IMPROVED: Search element position in the menu (Theme Options -> Header -> Search)
IMRROVED: Tabs on the single product page (speed and type of animation)
IMPROVED: Photoswipe js enquires only on single product when ‘lightbox for product images’ option is ‘On’
IMPROVED: Backstretch js enquires only on single post when single post layout is “full width” or “full width center”
IMPROVED: Excerpt length (words) option will hide excerpt and description if it is set to 0
IMPROVED: Wishlist and cart pop-ups are hidden when they are empty
IMPROVED: Fixed menu animation when you scroll down
IMPROVED: Single product content
IMPROVED: Sidebar spacing, sidebar elements spacing, sidebar elements font-size
IMPROVED: Lightbox for the product images option (now it works by click at the image)
IMPROVED: MailChimp form styles, added custom classes
IMPROVED: Thank you page styles
FIXED: Greed/list mode
FIXED: PayPal in mini cart of the fixed header
FIXED: Product Categories element – custom colors option
FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Filter plugin
FIXED: Responsive slides per view for the Image carousel elements
FIXED: 8theme WPBakery carousel elements with loop in inner row
FIXED: Header vertical type – colors
FIXED: Category page description position inherit from shop option Shop Page Banner position
FIXED: Scroll for widgets in the Shop filter area
FIXED: Grouped type of product on different layouts
FIXED: Swap product image hover effect with png images and with images with different size
FIXED: Tab content height option
FIXED: Product content effects
FIXED: Hover color scheme
FIXED: Fixed layout of the single product (bug with content scroll)
FIXED: Breadcrumbs options
FIXED: Site preloader and Preloader image work separately
FIXED: Styles and paginations of the Dokan sidebar elements
FIXED: Sale label text color and Sale label background color
FIXED: Product link on wishlst page (when just catalog mode is enabled)
FIXED: Product categories widget “open by default” option
UPDATED: All loaders replaced by the new one
UPDATED: Theme Options UI/UX
UPDADED: etheme_logo() function
UPDADED: etheme_top_links() function
UPDADED: etheme_post_thumb() function
UPDADED: etheme_comments() function
UPDADED: etheme_count_posts() function
UPDADED: etheme_breadcrumbs() function
UPDADED: etheme_photoswipe_template() function
UPDADED: etheme_add_links_to_menu() function
UPDADED: etheme_shop_navbar() function
UPDADED: etheme_product_cats() function
UPDADED: etheme_get_single_product_class() function
UPDADED: etheme_products_per_page_select() function
UPDADED: etheme_get_view_mode() function
UPDADED: etheme_view_mode_action() function
MOVED: etheme_bordered_layout (theme-functions.php) -> (template-elements.php)
MOVED: etheme_photoswipe_template (theme-functions.php) -> (template-elements.php)
MOVED: single_product_multiple_vendor_class(theme-functions.php) -> (template-elements.php)
MOVED: etheme_the_post_video (theme-functions.php) ->(template-elements.php)
MOVED: etheme_the_post_audio (theme-functions.php) ->(template-elements.php)
MOVED: etheme_the_post_quote (theme-functions.php) ->(template-elements.php)
MOVED: etheme_get_primary_category (theme-functions.php) ->(template-elements.php)
MOVED: et_hex_to_rgba (template-elements.php) -> (theme-functions.php)
MOVED: etheme_product_brand_image (framework\woo\brands.php) -> (woo.php)
REMOVED: Breadcrumbs size option in Theme Options -> Breadcrumbs
REMOVED: ‘Product categories widget title color’ and ‘Product categories widget title background color’ options in Theme Options -> Categories
REMOVED: ‘Underline color’ option from Theme Options -> Menu -> Menu styling (Main menu links, Fixed menu links)
REMOVED: Simple header type
REMOVED: Header center (search position will change center3 to two row and back, enabling top bar will change center3 to center header type)
REMOVED: Header two rows (search position will change center3 to two row and back, enabling top bar will change center3 to center header type)
REMOVED: Colorfull icons option in 8Theme Social links WPBakery element and 8theme Social links widget
REMOVED: less folder from theme archive
REMOVED: etheme_page_background() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_header_type() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_header_color() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_tb_color() function
REMOVED: etheme_show_sign_link() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_links() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_post_template() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_cols() function
REMOVED: etheme_excerpt() function
REMOVED: etheme_swiper_lazy_preloader() function
REMOVED: etheme_set_item() function
REMOVED: etheme_activation_bar() function
REMOVED: etheme_activation_bar_out() function
REMOVED: etheme_tpl2id() function
REMOVED: etheme_the_post_video() function
REMOVED: etheme_the_post_audio() function
REMOVED: etheme_the_post_quote() function
REMOVED: etheme_create_slider_widget() function
REMOVED: etheme_create_slider() function
REMOVED: etheme_create_posts_slider() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_the_title() function
REMOVED: etheme_menu_account_link() function
REMOVED: etheme_menu_search() function
REMOVED: etheme_search_form_return() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_mobile_menu() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_main_menu_right() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_main_menu() function
REMOVED: etheme_my_account_title() function
REMOVED: etheme_email_btn() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_products_per_page() function
REMOVED: ehemet_products_per_page_action() function
REMOVED: etheme_set_customer_session() function
REMOVED: etheme_shop_page_link() function
REMOVED: etheme_maybe_set_wishlist_cookies() function
REMOVED: etheme_set_wishlist_cookies() function
REMOVED: etheme_init() function
REMOVED: etheme_show_block() function
REMOVED: etheme_get_block() function
REMOVED: etheme_brand_fileds() function
REMOVED: etheme_edit_brand_fields() function
REMOVED: etheme_brands_fields_save() function
REMOVED: etheme_brand_admin_scripts() function
REMOVED: dummy_content extension for redux framework – dummy_content / folder
REMOVED: framework\woo\brands.php
REMOVED: js/cookie.js
REMOVED: js/flexibility.js
REMOVED: js/imagesLoaded.js
REMOVED: js/jquery.magnific-popup.js
REMOVED: js/jquery.sticky-kit.js
REMOVED: js/photoswipe-ui-default.js
REMOVED: js/photoswipe.js
REMOVED: js/swiper.js
REMOVED: js/waypoints.min.js

8theme studio support

XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme
Three Months Sales
Week Sales

This product was last updated 1 days ago, we think it is very good, because the seller looks seriously handle products. If we look according item rating in the site, item is very good in the eyes of consumers, and he has sold more 55 items in last week and more 742 items in last three months.

The data is updated by AI System on 2018-09-22 11:19:52


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