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CiyaShop Native Android Application based on WooCommerce

Create by Potenzaglobalsolutions

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CiyaShop Native Android Application

CiyaShop native Android application is the perfect solution for your shopping business or your client shopping store as an agency or freelancer. It Engages consumers to constitute Loyalty with sharp design and features which make sense for the online shop. It is well-suited for retail stores, marketplaces, fashion shops, cosmetics and household appliances of any size. Check out our 20+ demos to dip into a whole new way of building robust WooCommerce-based online shops and businesses.

Panoply of App demos

Mould your application your way by selecting from the plethora of App demos available.

Currently, we have set the Checkout process to Sandbox so users can place the order for testing.

Paypal Sendbox for OrderPlacement
Password: 123456789

Paypal Sendbox Card Details
Visa card: 4929799881594714
Cvv: 123

Easy App Creation

No need to start from scratch! Use do-it-yourself mobile app solution to build a custom app and loyalty program for your business.

Check out Video:- Click Here

Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Your Own Look

The freedom of choice prevails at CiyaShop. The users are free to select their preferred logo, color theme, images Banners, Categories, Sliders, Contact Details, Social Links and other related customizations for their most appealing way..

Check out Video:- Click Here

Check out Documentation:- Click Here


Keeping quality intact, resize the image and boost your app performance.

Check out Video:- Click Here Check out Documentation:- Click Here


Let all your customers access your app by publishing it in leading stores.

Check out Video:- Click Here Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Impressive Feature which makes CiyaShop different from other App in the market.

Check Out Video for Configuration and how it works on CiyaShop Android application.

Reward Points

Loyalty is the most expensive commodity better you reward your regular customers by awarding the prize of choosing your application again and again.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here

Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Multi-Vendor Support(Dokan,WC Market Place)

Single commodity gets multiple sellers, hence different prices and more choices to your customer.

Video Tutorial:- Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Push Notifications

Let your business grab all the attention by providing customers with all regular updates instantly.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Delivery Tracking

Let the customer Keep an eye over the product right from placing order till delivery.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here Check out Documentation:- Click Here

In-App Coupons

Want a win-win situation? Provide extra incentive to customers on the purchase and get more business.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here
Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Scratch Cards

Keep your customers engaged by providing them with fun ways of getting prizes.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here
Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Multi-Currency Symbol

Lazy enough to grab the calculator and do the conversion? This feature converts all the currencies for you and your customer.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here

Check out Documentation:- Click Here


The customer will get notified of your store once they enter your virtual perimeter. Want more customers? Expand the circumference.

Video Tutorial:- Click Here
Check out Documentation:- Click Here

All Features

  • Product Listing
  • Product Listing Grid-view
  • Product image view(Zooming and pinch)
  • Product Sharing
  • Product Detail(all specification, Variation,Rating and more)
  • Filters
  • Sorting(Newest First,Rating,Popularity,Price- High to Low,Price- Low to High)
  • Category Listing
  • Searching
  • WishList
  • Cart
  • Product Type (Simple,Variable,Group)
  • Search History
  • Address
  • Orders
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • Profile
  • Recently Visited Product
  • Most Popular product
  • Todays Special Deal(Schedule Product)
  • Feature Box(Example:- Free-shipping, 10 days Replacement, Easy Refund kind of text)(Can be set From Admin)
  • About us
  • Contact us (Can be set From Admin)
  • Social Links(Can be set From Admin)
  • Notification Enable/Disabled
  • Notification History(Like Order Placed,Order status change and many more)
  • Rate the App
  • Account Setting
  • Change Password
  • Deactivate Account
  • Rate & Review
  • Clear History
  • Privacy Policy(Can be set From Admin)
  • Multi-Language (English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Easy to add other language as well)
  • RTL
  • WebView Checkout(Support all the payment which woo-commerce supports)

Check out All CiyaShop Android Video:- Click Here


Check out our Documentation for CiyaShop which includes step by step process for CiyaShop application configuration to Application submission to respective stores(Appstore/PlayStore).

Check out Documentation:- Click Here

Contact Support:- Click Here

Why CiyaShop Application?

Full fledged + Easy to Configure + Easy to Customise + Affordable + Unique = CiyaShop

Why need to make a mobile app when I have the responsive website?

One crucial part for any business is to be where your customers are. And in today’s world, they are on both the Internet (mobile site) and on the home screen of their mobile device (mobile app);just at different times. Another important part for a business to succeed is not only attract new customers but also retain them. Your website functions for the former part and your application for the latter.

Read More

Why need to make the native app when hybrid and cross platform technologies are available?

Native applications come along with their own set of benefits. They make user experience better by making the application easy to use, quick to find and more accessible.

Read More
Native Hybrid
Performance: High Low
Preference: First preference for any business specific applications Generally not a first preference.
The first step: The first step for most of the business is a native app. Generally, business don’t go for hybrids as their first step.
Accessibility: Features can be accessed offline. The user needs to remain online for all the features.
Security: High Low
User Experience: High Low
Integration: Geolocation, camera etc features of device can be easily integrated Integration of device specific features are difficult.


VERSION 1.4.1 [14th November 2018]

- Added filter by Rating in filter
- Remove placeholder images from product detail.
- Back Button in Registration.
- Back Button in Login.

VERSION 1.4 [2nd November 2018]

- Added WhatsApp Button 
- Added Facebook Pixel
- Added Firebase Deep Link
- Added Filter attributes enable/disable option in plugin
- Documentation Update

VERSION 1.3.3 [17th October 2018]

-  Changes for checkout
-  Various Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes in a pgs_woo_api plugin.

VERSION 1.3.2 [12th October 2018]

- Minor change pgs_woo_api plugin

VERSION 1.3.1 [11th October 2018]

- Minor change in webview 

VERSION 1.3 [10th October 2018]

- Added WMPL plugin integration with the app using PRETTY URL so the user can change the language from App itself:- Beta version 
- Added Live searching functionality on the product name  
- Code Optimization
- Documentation Update

VERSION 1.2 [01st October 2018]

- Feature product panel added to home page
- New arrival product panel added to home page
- Related product added in Product detail page
- What's app number added to Contact Us page
- Minor issue resolved in variation product.
- Variation selection issue resolved
- Header logo size increased
- Filter issue resolved
-  Documentation change
  - Home page Customisation for product Carousel
  - Whats app chat in Contact us Page
  - Application Configuration
- Sample data added 
  - Sample data setup and installation

VERSION 1.1 [19th September 2018]

- We update item with new preview image only. There are no updated file or fixes in this update.

VERSION 1.1 [4th September 2018]

- We update item with new preview image only. There are no updated file or fixes in this update.

VERSION 1.1 [18th Aug 2018]

- One Signal PushNotification Added
- Product Description Image support Added
- Visible Delete Button on Cart 
- Variation Issue Resolved
- Image Cropping Resolved
- Product Details Get Variation Resolved(Something went Wrong on Product Details)
- Crash on Google Login Resolved
- Image change as per selected variation
- Product Image in cart as per selected variation
- Documentation Update 

VERSION 1.0 [30th July 2018]

- Initial Release

Detailed Change Log

CiyaShop Native Android Application based on WooCommerce
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