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Powerful Classified Ads CMS - EasyAds

Create by CodinBit

EasyAds – Powerful Classified Ads CMS (now at version 1.4)

EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS Licenses


Client Area

Password: demo123                           

Admin Area

Password: demo123                           

Documentation EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS

EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS

Install EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS

Update EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS

EasyAds is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and fully customizable advertising CMS. Perfect for both sellers and buyers, it can be seamlessly utilized by large marketplaces like OLX or highly targeted smaller sellers. You can set it up and customize it in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start selling and making money straight away. No previous experience with apps instalment is required. EasyAds’ highly intelligent and powerful installer will do the heavy lifting.

EasyAds’ clean front-end design and intuitive back-end set this CMS apart from other solutions on the market, while its powerful analytical capabilities ensure that your business is always data-driven.

What’s more, it can be built in minutes and you’ll be ready to be selling and making money straight away. For a start, and to make your life really simple, the app includes an intelligent powerful installer that will do all the hard work of installing it on your server so you won’t need a diploma in computer design to have it up and running.

Powerful Classified Ads CMS - EasyAds

EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS GDPR compliant


EasyAds is a fully customizable and user-friendly CMS. Its admin functionalities allow you to control every aspect of ad listings – from customer management, to payments and invoicing, to collaterals management.


  • Personalize the CMS to your preferences using a large array of admin themes
  • Easily manage various types of users and admin user groups as well as assign them varying levels of access
  • Keep track of all actions taken by different users and customers through a comprehensive activity log, while staying on top of data and business growth through a detailed visual dashboard
  • Always stay up to date on the health of the application through an easy notification bar system. If you need to do maintenance work on the CMS, the lockdown application mode will give your customers a custom message
  • Gain full control over customer management – from the ability to view the front-end of the application the way each customer does, to setting up automatic customer notifications when a listing is about to expire, to permanently removing customers and all their listings
  • Use EasyAds in any language thanks to the application translation. Furthermore, it autodetects RTL/LTR orientation, making it highly intuitive
  • Validate admin forms in a matter of seconds
  • Manage widgets and social media icons in the footer section
  • Further customize the CMS to your needs by uploading extensions directly from the admin panel


  • Have full control over the number of ads displayed on the homepage
  • Moderate any part of your customer’s listing: packages, images, text, etc.
  • Utilize the maps view in search listings to both make ads listings easy and highly increase targeted location precision. Hide maps from ad pages if you don’t need to use them
  • Perfectly designed advertising system for AdSense and sponsored banners
  • Organize your classified ads into custom categories and sub-categories
  • Choose between manual or automatic mode for ad activations. Deactivate unwanted ads or permanently remove a listing and all its media. Activate and deactivate all listings based on such criteria as countries, zones, and currencies. Plus, remove expired listings on a set date.
  • Monitor classified ads’ statistics and social shares through a comprehensive analytics panel
  • Easily manage countries and zones for your ad postings, while optimizing them for any language by creating automatic translation folders
  • Continue benefiting from SEO for expired ads and customize URLs of your ads to your SEO needs. Additionally, EasyAds is a perfect CMS to optimize static pages for search engines
  • Edit and moderate listings, including promo packages, while customizing packages with various promotional options
  • Control the number of image uploads by setting custom limits and activate the functionality for automatic removal of junk media
  • Take advantage of the watermark extension, which can be easily controlled from the admin panel
  • Copy and paste text into listings’ descriptions, further speeding up the process
  • Autoselect a country and/or a currency
  • Set up your own contact form logic
  • Further tailor the CMS to your needs by adding your own Javascript code
  • Inherit a set of custom fields from the direct parent of the category, customize categories’ fields system, and add new custom fields for URLs into categories
  • Disable the upgrade-to-store option whenever necessary
  • Manage and modify the ‘related ads’ widget


  • Utilize the full range of invoicing settings from incorporating your corporate logo to adding company details
  • Provide detailed invoices with a breakdown of fees
  • Turn off invoicing when necessary
  • Easily manage taxes through a range of options
  • Manage multiple currencies with just a press of a button
  • Collect payments through multiple gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and 2checkout as well as ad a manual payment gateway
  • Manage orders and monetary transactions, including the payment gateway raw response


  • Use and customize email templates or develop your own
  • Create SMTP email accounts and further organize the system by assigning them to templates
  • Avoid spam using EasyAds’ autodetection function for invalid email accounts
  • Stay on top of the emails using the advanced email queue list
  • Send an email notification to your customer if an admin changes this customer’s listing


EasyAds is perfect for both buyers and sellers. Its highly intuitive customer and ad management functionalities will allow you and your customers personalize, translate, target, and organize ad listings.


  • Deliver top quality customer experience by creating a dedicated customer account area that aggregates and organizes their invoices, lists favorited items, has a dedicated dashboard with detailed statistics on the performance of their ads, and contains an intelligent notification bar system to display errors and alerts
  • Make it easy for your customers to use the CMS through a responsive design that works perfectly on tablets and mobiles
  • Help your customer see higher ROI on their ads by allowing them to utilize the highly advanced interactive map feature when setting the location of a listing
  • Limit access of customers when necessary by deactivating their accounts
  • Make customer login easy through the option of a regular or social media login, including Google, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Efficiently communicate with your customers and non-users through the integrated conversation system
  • Build custom error pages with a modern skin
  • Use EasyAds to build ‘My Store’ landing pages
  • Remove any language barriers with the help of the quick and easy translation mode and autodetection of RTL/LRT orientation. Built from scratch, RTL orientation is perfect for Arabic languages.
  • Make transactions seamless using EasyAds’ intuitive design for payment gateways
  • Validate forms hassle-free


  • Use maps to target your ads with laser-like precision. It comes pre-loaded with filters, custom fields and various sections for ad banners, allowing you to include ads in the Map View
  • Easily preview your ad page
  • Organize ad images and easily add them to relevant listings, while removing junk images
  • Design a modern classified ad page with exceptional integrated features
  • Review your images using a gallery, enabled with a full-screen feature
  • Make full use of the auto-renew option for easy ad management
  • Keep track of related ads using a special widget
  • Take advantage of the modern design for packages’ slider
  • Customize footer widgets
  • Build stunning pages optimized for search engines
  • List prices in any format (e.g. with or without decimals)
  • Enable the promoted classified ads widget and assign display priorities


  • Use EasyAds’ powerful search system to search by location, category, or category custom fields
  • Make search even more interactive and precise by enabling the Maps View
  • Search by location using a highly intuitive drop-down menu

As per Envato rules, you must purchase EasyAds under an Extended License if:

  • You plan to charge your customers using payment gateways for using EasyAds;

Important notes

  • We cannot provide general webhosting and/or general PHP support.
  • We cannot provide general programming or web scalling support.
  • We cannot help with issues from your own customization.
  • We cannot provide customizations that extended default app features.
  • We do not offer install or setup services.
  • This app requires adding a few cron jobs to your hosting environment. Please make sure you know how to do that.
  • We cannot provide fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment. If your hosting or server environment is different than what is listed in REQUIREMENTS section, you’ll need to determine if it will work before purchasing.
  • We try for fast response times but as described on our support tab, response time may be longer, depending on our current support queue. Too many issue/feature questions that do not fall under support will slow down all response times. Please investigate for yourself thoroughly before contacting us.
  • We don’t offer free support, if your support is expired, before asking questions consider renewing it.
  • Before asking questions make sure you did your part and reserched current answers.
  • You can’t get a refund once the item has been downloaded in any circumstances.
  • Read all the product information before you decide to buy it.
  • We speak english only to our customers, so we expect you speak it decently enough so we can understand each other.


Support EasyAds - Powerful Classified Ads CMS

Server requirements

  • Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
  • Apache Webserver – version 2.x
  • PHP >= 5.4
  • MySQL – MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine.
  • Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)
  • Reflection extension, PCRE extension, SPL extension, Ctype extension, MBString extension, Intl extension, ICU version, ICU Data version
  • Enabled allow_url_fopen

Change Log

Version 1.4

- Added GDPR methods that makes EasyAds GDPR compliant
- Added Admin failed logins in an extension called Security Manager
- Added Customers failed logins in an extension called Security Manager
- Added inappropriate reporting for ads with custom reasons in an extension called Security Manager with multiple options
- Added Block IP access in an extension called Security Manager
- Added Ban customers in an extension called Security Manager
- Added Customer export data from multiple areas within the customer account
- Added function for customer to remove the account
- Added control to make Terms and condition mandatory or not in the join page
- Added control of minimum allowed age to join EasyAds
- Added Mass message system for admin to send an email to all the customers
- Added meta keywords and meta description to categories
- Added multiple business fields in invoice settings
- Added new logic for currency displaying.
- Added option to limit customer image size upload
- Added confirmation action for customers after join with link confirmation and control over the days to expire
- Added control for admin to write copyright
- Added sort function to ajax image upload
- Added Links between join and login
- Added phpinfo() section in admin
- Optimised map loading when no results
- Optimised checkout process
- Optimised Ajax upload images
- Optimised facebook share ads
- Optimised Ad view and preview pages
- Optimised admin grid for actions to be over ajax, this way is more user friendly
- Changed Stripe payment gateway
- Fixed issue with non UTF-8 characters from all the code
- Fixed main issue not loading in some cases
- Fixed Google maps scrollWheel issue
- Fixed negative price
- Fixed mobile rotate issue on specific phones for image uploads

Version 1.3

- Added Maps view in the search of all the listings after selecting location
- Added filters and custom fields to the new Maps view
- Added functionality for a customer to set listing location marker on the map
- Added functionality for admin to edit and moderate a listing from admin panel including its promo package
- Added new social login features: Google, Twitter and LinkedIn
- Added better RTL views for all over the application
- Added new logic and display for location search from drop-down
- Added watermark extension with full control from admin panel
- Added new upload logic for images in listings
- Added new custom field type for URLs to add in categories
- Added feature to notify by email a customer if admin changed customer's listing
- Added functionality to deactivate all and activate all in : Countries, Zones and Currencies
- Added feature to limit the number of allowed uploaded images
- Added feature to permanently remove listing with all its media
- Added feature to permanently remove customer with all the listings attached to this customer
- Added feature to remove expired listings before a specific date
- Added feature to disable upgrade to store option
- Added notify customer before customer's listing expires
- Added two new sections for ad banners to include ads in the new map views
- Added feature to automatically remove junk media uploaded without attaching to a listing
- Added feature for price and custom field to accept all kind of numbers (e.g. decimals)
- Added feature to copy-paste into listing description
- Added feature to upload extensions from admin panel
- Fixed categories sorting in front-end
- Fixed integrity issue on creating custom fields in a category
- Fixed footer links issue
- Fixed mobile thumbnail upload images
- Optimised Facebook sharing attributes and graph params, now the listing will be shared correctly on Facebook
- Optimised translation all over the application
- Optimised mobile and desktop front-end views in all over the application
- Optimised mail system component

Version 1.1.1

- Added Contact Form logic
- Added new functions in search: search by whole country, search in cities
- Added Auto-selecting one country and/or one currency from admin
- Added option to limit free ads per user
- Added option to skip packages page by choosing one free default package
- Added option to hide maps from ad pages
- Added option to turn off invoices
- Added option for custom Javascript code e.g. adding javascript external chat system
- Added option for custom CSS code to customise directly from admin
- Added function to manually send the emails from queue in email system
- Added function to delete all emails stuck in queue
- Added cron jobs in admin, to have the commands if not inserted in installation steps
- Optimised translation all over the application
- Optimised admin interface
- Fixed bug with location written with special chars e.g. ś,é
- Fixed bug with not fetching zones correctly
- Fixed bug with tracking issues for favorite button
- Fixed bug with tax incorrect calculation
- Fixed bug with showing inactive locations in search location
- Fixed bug with manual payment activation of order and invoice

Version 1.1.0

- Added internal conversation system between buyers and sellers (including non-users)
- Added feature in conversation system to Block user, archive conversation and delete conversation
- Added advertising system for Adsense and sponsored banners
- Added reCaptcha
- Added manual payment gateway with admin approval and payment reference from bank
- Added option to select application timezone from admin
- Added option to remove ZIP code
- Changed ZIP code to be optional
- Added feature to send invoice in email after payment validation
- Added feature to change active ad without selecting package
- Added option for owner of listing to revise it directly from the listing page
- Optimised gallery module and errors messages
- Optimised admin interface
- Optimised translation
- Optimised mobile interface
- Multiple application improvements
- Multiple styling optimisation
- Fixed bugs

Version 1.0.2

- Added pretty url/clean url control
- Added htaccess file generation
- Multiple application improvements
- Fixed bugs

Version 1.0.1

- Added business store account
- Added extension manager
- Added admin control over ads number on homepage
- Added internet accessibility to expired ads for SEO
- Added hooks for developers
- Multiple application improvements
- Optimized application assets
- Optimized search engine
- Fixed bug translation with region code present
- Fixed facebook share fetching wrong ad image

Version 1.0

- Initial release

Powerful Classified Ads CMS - EasyAds
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