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WeePie Cookie Allow - Complete GDPR Cookie Consent Solution for WordPress

Create by WeePiePlugins

An easy, complete and flexible cookie law implementation plugin for WordPress which makes it possible to fully comply the cookies on your website with the GDPR.

Choose your way of cookie consent in the style of your website!

Comply easily with i.a. the:

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • UK cookie law
  • Dutch cookie law / AVG
  • Italian cookie law
  • German cookie law / German Data Protection Amendment Act (GDPAA)


  • Cookie information bar/box with possibility to add a:
    - Link to your cookie policy page
    - Accept cookies button
    - Decline cookies button
  • Change cookie settings
  • Block privacy sensitive /3rd party cookies before consent
  • Consent logging
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EU GDPR required?

YES! If you have a European website or a website directed to a European audience, a website visitor has to be informed about and give consent for placing certain privacy sensitive cookies on your website. Depending on what you are doing with these cookies, this consent may be implied or must be explicit. With our WeePie Cookie Allow Plugin for WordPress you can easily comply with the cookie law of your country (concerning the GDPR) on your own way:

  1. Compose your cookie consent manner:
    1. Choose what cookies should be placed before consent
    2. Choose your consent method: e.g. by scrolling the website or by clicking on the accept button
    3. Choose whether you want to use a layer on top of your website (cookie wall)
  2. Choose your consent style:
    1. Choose between a cookie bar or box
    2. Customize the front elements (e.g. the texts, colors, corners, positions)

You’re done!

  • GDPR ready

  • Consent logging (bèta)

  • Cookie Category settings box for website visitors (bèta)



Easy to configure

Compose your consent settings, edit some elements like the texts and colors of the cookie bar/box to your needs and you’re done!

Lots of styling options

Easily customize elements, like:

  • Colors
  • Texts
  • Choose between a bar or a box
  • Positions and sizes
  • Add a closing cross (X) to close the cookie notice / decline cookies
  • Shadow

Select your cookie consent type

Choose between ‘implied’ (accept after click/scroll) and ‘explicit’ (accept after click the accept button) consent, with the following cookies before consent :

  • Necessary (functional)
  • Necessary and analytical
  • All
After consent all cookies will be placed

Or the possibility to decline cookies

Blocks cookies automatically

1. Automatically blocks cookies by preventing placing the cookies scripts/elements that places cookies. Works for the most common 3rd party / privacy sensitive sources, like:

  • Social media cookies (e.g. Facebook (also Facebook Pixel), Twitter and Sharethis)
  • YouTube and Vimeo cookies
  • Advertisement cookies (e.g. Google AdSense)
  • Google Analytics cookies

When a privacy sensitive script/element that places cookies won’t be blocked automatically, we will try to help you out with a custom solution.

2.Additional option to block all i-frames automatically.

Link to your Cookie Policy page

Easily create a link to your Cookie Policy/Information page / post / custom post type / attachment (PDF) directly from the cookie bar.

Responsive design

Fits different devices like: pc, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Multisite ready

Supports WordPress Multisite (WPMU).

IMPORTANT: You’ll need 1 license for each unique domain name.

Officially WPML Multilingual compatible


Our GDPR cookie plugin supports translation with the WPML Multilingual Plugin.

Placeholder for blocked cookie content

Possibility to show a placeholder at the place where the cookie content is blocked.

Reconsider cookie consent

Add a cookie reset button in your WordPress website (by a Shortcode).

Change cookie settings

Possibility for website visitors to enable/disable wich kind of cookies (cookie categories) they accept:

  • Functional
  • Analytical
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Other

You can place the cookie categories settings box in a WordPress post or page by a shortcode.

Consent logging

Possibility to log the cookie consents and declines of your website visitors.

And more features!

  • Fully translatable (pot-file included)
  • Possibility to add custom CSS easily
  • Disable for logged in users
  • Minified JavaScripts
  • Based on our WeePie Framework

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WeePie Cookie Allow - Complete GDPR Cookie Consent Solution for WordPress
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